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About Banc DeBinary

Founded in 2009 shortly after the collapse and subsequent rebound of the global economy, Banc de Binary prides itself in offering investors a secure trade environment through which they can take advantage of the movement in the global financial markets without unnecessarily exposing themselves to huge risks.

The company is a binary options broker and specializes in binary options trading promising expert financial advice and 24/7 customer service which are great starting points for any trading company although based on customer feedbacks, the company still has significant room for improvement

As we will see in this Banc de Binary review, among the many attributes that make Banc de Binary stand out from other competitors in the field are its well-chronicled user-friendliness, the use of many underlying assets for informed and wise investment selections, the option to invest in your chosen currency, and unrivaled accessibility for making trades via its 18 global support phone numbers, or its dual trading platform selections – Fast Trader or Pro Trader.

Selecting Banc de Binary gives investors access to 55 different investment avenues including stocks, currencies, and indices. Check the Banc de Binary review or landing page for a quick look at real-time trended investment options to get you going on your quest to grow your investment portfolio via binary options trading.

BDB General info

“World, wisdom, profit”, the catchy and undying mantra of Banc de Binary, perfectly expresses its position on Binary Options trading.

Founded based on the learnings of the calamitous 2008 world economic crisis, Banc de Binary offers considerable enhancements to the binary options trading venture. Armed with claims of up to 71% payout on “in the money” trades. it is difficult to imagine a better venue for investing in binary options.

Founded in: 2009
Headquarters: New York, USA
Minimum Deposit: $250
Minimum Trade Amount: $25
Maximum Per Option: $6,000
Option refund if out of the money: Up to 15%
Traders from USA: Allowed
Additional Options: Commodities, Forex, Stocks, and Indices
Platform: spot option
Languages available: English, French, Arabic, German, Italian

BDB Features

As a binary options broker, Banc de Binary “banks” on its experience in the industry as its primary pull for savvy investors. Unlike most trading platforms, Banc de Binary leverages on global economic knowledge from the pre-2008 economic crisis. This is evident in its many trade offerings for its varied clientele.

The website is specifically configured for easy and seamless trading, even newbies can figure it out in a heartbeat. The selections are easy to see and available via drop down menus. This allows Banc de Binary to present its many asset options for binary trading in an easy to follow manner.

Banc de Binary also supports call/put options, one touch trading, 60-second transactions, and Options Builder investments giving investors unparalleled control on how to invest their money. Trades can vary in size from modest $1 transactions to $6,000 per option. Expiration times are configurable in 15-minutes, 30-minutes, 1-hour and 24-hour increments giving clients complete control over their investment choices. In this Banc de Binary review, we dare say this does not hamstring an investor’s options when it comes to making sound investors.
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BDB Ease of Use

The “ease of use” criterion for Banc de Binary is not just a tagline but a way of life; that much we mentioned in the previous paragraphs. When you are working with a specific asset, the real-time trends are in plain view. The website simplifies the call/put option process with the intuitive question “Will Asset A go up or down?” To place an option, the investor can select the Up or Down buttons to the right.

From there, a small window pops out so the investor can specify the bid details. The investment size can be configured from $1 to $6000 with the prospective payout automatically calculating the eventual profit if the option is fulfilled. No hassles, no complexities, no technicalities. “Banc de Binary” binary options broker goes out of its way to give the user the simplest and most dynamic approach to option trading anywhere on the market.

Customer Service

There are 4 typical customer support options that grant clients the opportunity to get in touch with a Banc de Binary representative. Chat is always preferred as there are agents online to help one with any and all issues, from investment advice to administrative and technical concerns. Chat support is available 24/7 regardless of whichever location you may be in.

As an alternative, Banc de Binary has 18 global support phone numbers that can be called upon for 24/7 phone support. Skype support is also available if you want to talk face-to-face with a customer service representative. However, if you want to schedule an appointment at a time of your convenience, you can always choose to have the agent call you back at your preferred time. Quite simply, you are never too far away from the people that help bring value and potential to your options investment.

Final Conclusion

Banc de Binary touts its insider knowledge of the binary options trading business and adequately backs it up with very competitive and accessible investment options through user-friendly trading platforms. It does not shy away from providing service; rather, it would go out of its way to lend support wherever needed. This is a common theme in many a Banc de Binary review and a great indicator for the company’s commitment to helping its clients achieve their investment goals.

In essence, Banc de Binary does not waste its name in that it more than qualifies as the primary “banking” alternative for your options investment. No doubt, Banc de Binary will take care of you so you can grow your investment towards realizing its potential in a very competitive market.

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  • Banc De Binary Brokers

    Banc De Binary is a privately owned trading and investment agency together with operations in over 80 countries throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia, and India. Based on Wall Street in New York City, BDB is a major global provider of Binary Option Trading Technologies, as well as financial services and solutions with specialized expertise in online option trading and brokerage.

  • Trading For Beginners

    Quickly Discover Ways To Profitably Trade Binary Options. In case you are fresh commence with modest trades like $10? or $20 until you will get the hang of it. TO ACCESS TREND CHARTS: Under the assetsthere is a web link leading to the requested page. This is NO SCAM. It is just a verified strategy for trading binary options. Start a totally free demo account with no money and try it to get familiar with these sorts of trades.

  • Banc De Binary Full Review

    Banc De Binary is offering great payout, 90% on certain underlying assets. For some brokers, you'll need to have a premium account to get such payout but in BDB, it'll for everyone. One slight minus is that their payout for Out-The-Money trade is ridiculously small, merely 1%, therefore you better be winning on Banc De Binary. Another major positive with Banc De Binary is that they are actually incorporated in the US, not some tax haven. That doesn't mean they are regulated by the NFA, but at least there's some oversight by the SEC.


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